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Because many owners of spanish property live outside of Spain, it is important to seek accurate and up to date information, and be aware what has to be paid and then to have a system in place that will address any payments (including those of tax). as a consequence of ownership of a property in Spain 

Did you know for example that if you own part or full share of a property in Spain and you do not live in Spain, you have to automatically pay two taxes each year?

IBI Tax.

-Payment to the Town Hall direcly or via municipal tax collection agency (Suma), of the annual Local Rates. The bill is normally sent by post the postbox of the property in Spain. Payment is normally effected by direct debit from a Spanish bank account.

Non Resident Income Tax (IRNR).

-Payment to the National Tax Office (AEAT), of the annual Non Resident Income Tax for any period of non rental (imputed), as well as quarterley Non Resident Income Tax, for any period where the property has generated rental income. This normally occurs via self assessment. Each owner is considered to be an individual Taxpayer and responsible to calculate, prepare, pay and present their own tax according to their share in the property.

There are “urban myths” that are associated with Non Resident Tax. It is important to note that the following are 
not regarded as acceptable excuses for failing to pay:


-the Taxpayer has not visited the property recently or at all.

-the property has no furniture or furnishings.

-the property has no water or electric.

-the property is not rented or occupied.

-there has not been any bill issued.

-the Taxpayer does not speak Spanish.



Our Fees will be dependant on what will be your work requirements. Clients may choose whether they wish for us to provide a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Service. Our Fees will start at: € 16,53 euros (+ IVA) per tax model.




FEES (+ IVA) (Per Tax Model)


Answer enquiries, receive informatoin, make a file, calculate Tax.

0 euros included with ALL services


Preparation of the Tax Model 210

16,53 euros


BRONZE + Payment of Non Resident Tax

33,06 euros


BRONZE + SILVER + Presentation of paid tax to the Tax Office

49,59 euros



Representation, Acceptance, Payment & Presentation

36,53 euros*


* If recharges are applicable we would need to know before paying the Non Resident Tax, whether or not you wish for us to handle the work of any recharges.


For existing Clients, who have previously been provided with the “GOLD” Service. They can choose if they wish for us to continue with the same Service, otherwise they can still pay the same as last year, on the understanding that they will be responsible for performing the remaining necessary “work” themselves.


If you have any questions in the meantime, we would be happy to hear from you by e-mail to: otherwise if you wish to proceed directly and for us to begin our work for you, we will require the following:


1. To Register. This can be achieved via the website or by copying and pasting the following link: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

2. Copy of Passport for each Owner.

3. Copy of NIE document of each Owner.

4. Copy of bill for annual Local Rates (IBI Tax) issued by the tax collection agency SUMA or directly from the Town Hall, for last year. for the property (as well as for any trastero, garage  and parking if applicable).


These we would be happy to receive as .pdf documents by e-mail to: ( ) or by whatsapp. to: 0034 636 449 366.


If there is a mortgage loan associated with the property, can you tell us the name of the banking entity and how much was left to pay at the end of last year.


The "advantage" of our Service is that it is not necessary for the Client (Taxpayer) to be in Spain. as long as we have the information we need, we can perform our work remotely and relay documentation directly by e-mail (or whatsapp if preferred).


This year we are paying due tax year: 2021, and the period for payment ends on 24/12/2022. This means any tax years prior to 2021 will already be overdue and subject to recharge and interest.


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