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Non Resident Tax in Spain Modelo 210


Welcome to the Homepage of ANGAR TAXATION SERVICE.

If you are part or full owner of a property in Spain, you will have an obligation to make timely payments of tax to the appropriate authorities, each year. What tax to pay, how much and to whom, will depend on whether you fall into the category of Resident or Non Resident.

Non Residents are persons who may own a property in Spain but work and live outside of Spain, in other words their Fiscal Domicile is outside of Spain. They will spend no more than 183 days each year in Spain.

As a consequence of ownership of spanish property, Non Residents will have to pay each year:

IBI Tax (Local Rates) to the Town Hall or Collection Agency ie. Suma.
IRNR Tax (Non Resident Imputed Income Tax) to the National Tax Office (Hacienda).

Do not believe the urban myths that exist about these taxes. Because you have a property in Spain and do not live here, you HAVE to pay these taxes, it does not matter if:

You come to the property vary rarely, for short stays, or have not come at all to Spain.
You have not received a demand from Hacienda. If you have, then it means they want to perform an inspection.
You do not receive any rental income from the property or it is not occupied.
You do not speak or understand Spanish.

For the IBI Tax, at least you will receive a bill, the question can be: will you receive or see it?

For the IRNR Non Resident Tax, it is important to understand that there will not be any bill or demand issued by the National Tax Office. The Taxpayer is obliged to calculate the tax, make the tax declaration and present along with the corresponding payment to the Tax Office. The Taxpayer is entitled to nominate a Fiscal Representative to undertake this work on their behalf, each year.

Our Non Resident Tax Service will specifically look after this important tax matter for you each year. We offer a Complete, all-inclusive Service and we provide the Taxpayer with proofs of everything that has been paid.

The important thing is to have accurate information, to ask questions and based upon the results, to decide how to move forward and to make sure you are meeting your fiscal and other obligations in Spain.

We offer a high level of Service coupled with very low Fees which we believe make a very convincing argument to become our Clients.

Please take the time to see what we can do for you; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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